BioPCMTM is a thermal energy storage product that saves energy. BioPCM transforms normal buildings into regenerative structures that recycle heat that would normally need to be removed using costly cooling systems into useful heat that helps keep the space warm during the night. For buildings that do not need to use the daytime heat for evening heating, bioPCM shifts a portion of the cooling load thus reducing peak energy demand. By shifting  a portion of the cooling load to nightime when outside ambient conditions are lower, the HVAC system runs more efficiently and thus saves on total energy costs. 

As indicated in the chart to the right, energy costs are one of the most volatile commodity prices in the US economy. According to the consumer price index the average annual utility rate escalation over the last 25 years was 6.3%.  Assuming this same rate of utility inflation, a kWh that costs 10 cents in 2013 will cost 46 cents in 2038, twenty five years from now.  Future environmental concerns may also result in a CO2 usage tax that could raise the price of energy even higher. A bioPCM investment today provides an attractive ROI in most applications utilizing today's energy prices.  With no moving parts and a very long life, bioPCM will provide energy savings year after year for the life of the building. 

Peak Electrical Demand Shifting

Some utilities use an econometric pricing that incentivizes their customers to reduce electrical demand during peak times by charging significantly more for electricity during peak hours than during non-peak hours. BioPCM can be used to shift cooling power usage to off peak times  providing additional cost savings for rate payers while providing demand reductions for utilities.

Energy Savings

Heating and cooling typically makes up more than 50 percent of a building's energy use and bioPCM typically reduces HVAC energy use by over 30%, so a building with bioPCM could reduce its total energy use by more than 15%. 


 A major game changer like bioPCM has to be supported by all involved on the building industry as one of the greatest users of the World’s energy. By reducing the need for usage and helping eliminate the energy peaks bioPCM application is paramount on environmental preservation and EMSS SA is helping its implementation in Europe.


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