ThermaStixTM are made up of a highly conductive aluminum shell with the optimal bioPCMTM thickness to allow for full liquid/solid/liquid transition with maximum power of phase change.

We developed ThermaStix as a flexible platform for designers to use in their custom applications.

Example applications:

  • Used for added capacity for water or slurry thermal energy storage systems.  
  • A replacement for concrete in Trombe walls providing more thermal mass than 12 inches of concrete.
  • In large box stores V-Deck roofing at the point of the thermal bridge.
  • Thermal mass for solar air wall and unglazed solar collector systems providing thermal energy storage.
  • Drop in thermal mass for refrigeration systems reducing cycling and allowing for off peak energy use.
  • Drop in thermal mass that can be inserted into duct work to store nightime cool enegry. 

We make ThermaStix custom for individual projects so they are available for order in awide range of transition temperatures, or "Q-values".

Product options of
Q-Value -20C to 70C

With M-Value (Btu per square foot) of 288, (or M-24 per linear foot) ThermaStix are ideal for any application where high thermal energy storage capacity is required.

Width: 1" square tubular configuration
Length: Custom - lengths up to 20 ft.

 A major game changer like bioPCM has to be supported by all involved on the building industry as one of the greatest users of the World’s energy. By reducing the need for usage and helping eliminate the energy peaks bioPCM application is paramount on environmental preservation and EMSS SA is helping its implementation in Europe.


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